सोमवार, 4 अप्रैल 2011


“If you insist on telling me that this table is a fish pond I cannot go along with you.”

- Thomas Mann to Communists

That is exactly what communist academics and historians have been telling us ever since they established their monopoly over academic and research institutions, substituting their distorted version of history for one written by genuine scholars. The rediscovery of the Saraswati with references to in the Rig Veda along with discovery of a whole lot of sites from the Sindhu – Saraswati civilization and a recent forensic study of DNA of Indians of various castes published in the proceedings of National Academy of Sciences have effectively buried Romilla Thapar and R S Sharma’s Marxist theory of foreign origin of the Vedic People, whether they are called invaders or migrants! Taking advantages of the passivity of the rest of us, they have utilized the Congress Communist political alliance in the 1970s to gain absolute control of each and every academic institution, the ICHR, the UGC, the ICSSR, the NCERT, not to mention DU, JNU and of course the Indian History Congress. It is the same liquor of “Political” historians from these universities along with cheer leaders from Calcutta University who have used every manipulative trick to maintain their stranglehold on history and historians through their control of institutions like the IHC. They have used this stranglehold to force down our throats a version of “history” which has been effectively rebutted by archaeological excavations and objective examination of evidence. Archaeology has convincing shown that the so-called “Aryan Invasion” of India was nothing but a myth invented by colonial rulers to justify their misrule and perpetuated by Marxists to justify their thesis that Hindus are foreign to India.

The Marxist clique has distorted history in order to subvert our very identity and to bolster their theory of “composite nationalism”. Shivaji, Ranapratap, Guru Gobind Sigh, Krishna Dev Ray, Maharaja Ranjit Singh, Prithvi Raj Chauhan etc, Raja Bhoj., revered by our masses (who have a much better sense of history than these so called historians) as

Freedom fighters and patriots, who defended Hindu Society in the medieval ages against Islamic aggression, have been denigrated by Marxists as robbers and plunders who worked against the “Secular” policies of the Islamic state. Thousands and thousands of our temples were broken, idols desecrated, the Hindu population raped, murdered, forcibly convert throughout the medieval ages at the hands of the fanatical followers of the Prophet but Marxists like Satish Chandra have described the Sultanate as a period of “broad toleration”. Their propensity to deny atrocities wherever they can and to play down where they cannot and in the last resort, justify them by saying all of these were for economic or state interests is comparable to pro – Nazi European historians like David Irwing who have denied the Holocaust and denied Hitler’s knowledge of Auschwitz. The fact that these atrocities, rapes, abduction and forcible conversion of Hindu Women, destruction of temples and driving out the minority population is continuing in the present day Bangladesh and Pakistan (see outlook, 23 Jan, 06) is also cheerfully denied by left – leaning commentators and academics as part of the same conspiracy of silence. It is shocking but true no leftist scholar of note has commented on the devastation wrought by Islamic rule in India.

They have only served to play up and exaggerate differences in our society and analyzed to role of culture and religion as purely in means of exploitation. R.S. Sharma and his like see in every temple an institution of exploitation, in every religious ritual a manual of exploitation, in every priest an oppressor! And they have taken care to establish this distorted Marxist version of History. The prestigious platform like the Indian History Congress will also be similarly used as a propaganda platform through speeches, publications of AMU Historians Group and panel discussions where none but their fellow travelers are invited to speak. Our academic institutions like the Indian History Congress have to be freed from the vice like grip of the Marxist clique and for that all objective and right thinking historians, academicians and citizens have to come forward and assert themselves.

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