सोमवार, 4 अप्रैल 2011


The Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) in Delhi is a compensatory gift of Indira Gandhi to Marxists for the support that communists gave to her in her battles with the Syndicate Congress, that is, the group of Morarji Desai, Nijalingappa, S K Patil and Atulya Ghosh after splitting the Congress and launching what has come to be a proprietary party, Congress (I), I standing for Indira! Mohan Kumar Mangalam, Member of the Central Committee of CPI, overnight hoined the Congress(I), became minister in Indira’s cabinet and he along with so many other infiltrator (into Indira Congress) launched the populist programs of Indira Gandhi like garibi hatao, nationalization of coal mines, banks, abolition of privy purses in 1971, and so on.

For assisting Indira Gandhi to establish her supremacy in the party and in the country the communists got a gift – the Jawaharlal Nehru University in 1971. From its inception, most of the academic staff were deliberately chosen from amongst Marxists and fellow – traveling teachers. The JNU does not teach science or engineering, so very essential like history, sociology, international relations, women’s studies, economics, etc. are taught and all of them are with a Marxist’s bias. It has produced a number of Marxist teachers and writers and these were placed in many of the central and other Universities in large numbers. They work as a network, commending on another as eminent to head departments. A number of JNU products are also with the HRD ministry of the Government of India. Marxists and fellow – travelers and their cohorts resident non – Indian have headed this ministry for long periods.

Journalism is another area into which Marxists are inducted and infiltrated. The result is that the intellectual discourse in the newspapers and in the electronic media is mostly Marxist, fundamentally anti – American, anti – Hindu, pro – disruptive and disintegrating forces within India. It is largely the efforts of the JNU’s and allied “eminent” historians that distorted the history text book written by ‘eminent’ Marxist’s and prescribed for CBSE schools. Just as madrassas of Islam indoctrinate children in the infallibility of Islam and its ultimate triumph through out the world, so does the JNU in the image of Islamic madrassas preaches the infallibility of Marxism and the triumph of communism everywhere.

The ‘eminences’ from this MM have spawned so many organizations for defense and promotion of human rights, civil liberties, minority rights, scientific socialism, peoples science, democratic women, secularism, democracy, anti – imperialism, non alignment and so on.

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